FAQ – HydraSorber

Q – How do I use the HydraSorber?

A – Place where there is an issue with water and follow the included directions.

Q – How much water can a HydraSorber divert?

A – HydraSorbers can be stacked to divert large amounts of water.

Q – What Happens if my HydraSorber comes in contact with Salt Water?
A – If your HydraSorber comes in contact with salt water it will not swell properly or at all. The Salt water stops the absorption process for the SAP material in the HydraSorber and the HydraSorber becomes unusable.

Q – How do I store my HydraSorbers?

A – Place your vacuum sealed HydraSorbers in cool dry place for storage.

Q – What is there slippery material leaking from my HydraSorber and is it safe?

A – The HydraSorbers are filled with a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) which inflates when wet. There is slightly some extra SAP in the HydraSorber to better insure inflation. As a result, some of the material may escape. The SAP is safe and will break down relatively quickly. Please make sure to wipe away any excess material if there is a concern for slipping or hazardous situations.