HydraSorber™ Sandless Sandbag

The absorbent, self-inflating alternative sandbag solution HydraSorber protects valuable assets from water damage. HydraSorber is an effective alternative to sand bags in the event of unexpected and unwanted water around your home, business or property. These water barriers are environmentally friendly, are very light before swelling, and come in a variety of sizes that can be easily disposed of after the water threat is over.

  • Lightweight – a freshly opened HydraSorber weighs a little more than a pound
  • Multiple Uses – simply place where water is an issue for either blocking water or absorbing water
  • Extendable and Stackable – for even longer and taller barriers
  • Convenient Sizes – available in 2ft, 4ft, or 11ft lengths which are up to 4 inches high when fully inflated
  • Eco-friendly – easily dispose of at the end of storm season

HydraSorber Instructions

HydraSorber Data Sheet